We are so excited to integrate our new software, Sawyer, to make it easier to book classes/events and purchase classes or packs! Not only is it an extremely user-friendly interface, we also have added some perks that we didn’t have the ability to do in the past, including:

  • Sibling discounts: 10% off!

  • Monthly Pricing: If you are interested in attending a class regularly, you can enroll in Monthly Pricing for only $50/month.

  • Special Promo for New Clients: New clients will get 20% off their first package with the code NEWCLIENT2019 (available to new clients only.)

Already have an account with our old software?

Set yourself up with sawyer by following instructions here.

We strongly encourage pre-registration. If we do not have more than two students enrolled in the class an hour prior to class starting, the class may be cancelled and all registrants will be notified. Running around and don’t have time to register (because…life is crazy)? Just shoot us an email or text and we will take care of it for ya!

If you register and cannot make the class, you may cancel up to an hour prior to the class start time.