Resources for Your Family

Want to continue your mindfulness practice at home? Here are some useful resources to bring mindfulness into your home.


Cosmic kids yoga

This video series is fantastic for kids of all ages who want to experience yoga and mindfulness. It is bright, fun, and imaginative and totally free!



Headspace is a meditation app for all levels of mindfulness practitioners. They also have some fun kids meditations on there as well.


mindful parenting

Rooted in the science of the brain, and integrating cognitive neuroscience and child development, Mindful Parenting is a unique program that speaks directly to today's busy families who make up what Dr. Race calls "Generation Stress." Research has shown that mindfulness practices stimulate the prefrontal cortex of the brain. Regular stimulation of this part of the brain helps us feel happier, healthier, calmer, less anxious, less stressed, and makes it easier for us to concentrate and think clearly―the very behavior we are hoping our children will display.

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion for Teens

Karen Bluth, Ph.D.

Dr. Bluth’s website has a plethora of resources for teens. She is passionate about finding ways to help teens navigate the often difficult road of adolescence. As a classroom teacher for almost 20 years, the emotional support she provided to students hopefully helped to ease some of the challenges her students faced during this stage. As a researcher, her work focuses on the roles that self-compassion and mindfulness play in promoting well-being in youth.  I create and test programs that provide teens with tools to help build resilience and strengthen positive mental health.