Olinda oliveira

Olinda Oliveira is a fun-loving, creative teacher who enjoys leading children of all ages through various arts & crafts exercises. She understands the importance of allowing kids to express themselves, and loves bonding with them while building a sense of trust through her lessons. Olinda has spent the last three summers guiding children through assorted art projects ranging from pointillism, molding & sculpting, hand weaving, and more. Her experience in art and mindfulness began at Appalachian State University where she graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in 2016. It was there that she found the importance of stillness and peace through meditation and painting. Ever since experiencing the power that art can bring to the soul, she has become determined to share that with as many individuals as possible.

Olinda’s goal at Kid’s Mindful Movement is to instill a sense freedom and peace of mind. She wants to allow the children to have fun and become absorbed in their projects while taking a break from everyday stress and pressure.

art and mindfulness