Kids Mindful Movement Home Studio (Pittsboro)

Our Home studio is located in quaint downtown pittsboro,nc. We share a cottage with yoga garden pbo.



We will be operating on a revised schedule the week of November 19-25.

Please pre-register prior to class and see revised schedule (below.)

New clients: sign up for an account with us between now and January 1 and get your first class FREE!

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We offer yoga for babies to teens. Each class is specifically curated to meet the needs of that age group. All experience levels welcome. $15/class or use package/membership.

  • Baby + Me Yoga

  • Toddler/Preschool Yoga

  • Kids Yoga

  • Tween/Teen Yoga


Mindful Art + Movement

These classes incorporate movement, yoga, and art to teach kids of all ages how to integrate mindfulness into their day-to-day lives. $15/class or use package/membership.

  • Toddler/Preschool Mindful Art + Movement

  • Kids Mindful Art + Movement


Imaginative play + Mindful drama

These classes use storytelling and visualization to teach kids mindfulness through play. $15/ child or use your membership/package.

  • Toddler/Preschool Imaginative Play

  • Kids Mindful Drama

  • Homeschool Mindful Drama


creative movement + Mindful dance

In these classes, kids learn how to move creatively while tuning into their minds and bodies. This dance class is a chance for kids to experience dance without judgement or competition while learning mindfulness techniques. $15/ child or use your membership/package.

  • Pre-K Creative Movement (Ages 5 and under)

  • Kids Creative Movement