Using Your 5 Senses for Mindfulness

There are days where I have no idea what I have done. What have I accomplished? We’ve all been there, where you lay down at night and can’t remember what you had for breakfast, if you remembered to take the trash out, or if you brushed your kids teeth that night. Where you are “listening” to the radio and have NO IDEA what they have been talking about, even though it’s been on for an hour.

Join me (with your family, if you’d like!) to experience a moment in a whole new way with this mindfulness activity during a meal. You can discuss these things together.

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Cabin Fever

Guys, this week, I hit my limit. I am ready for winter to make it's exit. I am over the sickness, over the freezing cold, the rain, and the grey skies. Cabin fever +  kids don't make for a great mix in our home and tensions can get pretty high. If you're feeling the same way, I have a little mediation for you.  Promise not to keep you too long, but settle in for a moment and let’s embrace it.

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Teach Your Child L-O-V-E Through Mindfulness

As a mother, “I love you” gets thrown around a lot in our household. It is an apology, a goodbye, and a “time to go to bed, this conversation is over.” (haha…)

Around this Valentines Day, I was taken with what that really means and how mindfulness can help enrich that phrase within our home. When we take a moment to be aware of the word love and the enormity of it, we realize that it is precious.

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