Our New Software

what you need to know.

We are so excited to integrate our new software, Sawyer, to make it easier to book classes/events and purchase classes or packs! Please read through this information carefully to set up your account.

Current clients:

Instructions for setting up your account:

Please note: after resetting your password, please return to the Kids Mindful Movement website to register for classes!

1. To reset your password, Click Here. (it will open in new window)

2. Enter your email 

3. Click “send reset instructions”

4. Check your inbox for the appropriate link

5. Click the link and change our password

6. You are now logged into your Sawyer account (on Sawyer’s marketplace).

7. Go to our website registration page to register for classes

Your new account has the same email address as your old account. Using the same one is the most important piece of information you need.

  1. If you had class credits in your previous account, they will be in your new account.

  2. Our class packs are the same, (5 class pass/10 class pass) but, going forward, we are no longer offering memberships. If you currently have a membership with us, we will continue to honor it.

  3. Our new system is now based on your kid(s) and not on you. When you claim your account, you will set up each of your children. Instructions are below…but just a few more things.

  4. If you have a caretaker come with your child, you can store a card in your account and our team can charge the account when they drop in. It’s easiest though to reserve in advance online prior to arrival.

  5. If you have already registered for classes for the month of Febru, please DO NOT book again in Sawyer. We will make sure you are enrolled in the right classes.

  6. You can now inquire about birthday parties directly through Sawyer and our team will respond directly!

  7. If you have any questions, email emily@kidsmindfulmovement.com. We’re here for you!